The Blue Dog Scientific Blog: Top Secrets of LinkedIn.

Top Secrets of LinkedIn.

Here are a number of not so well known LinkedIn tips and tricks.

1. On your profile you can have a list of live, clickable links, anything you like, to anywhere you like. Like this:

2. On your profile, you can exploit the "Current" section to do things like this:

Yes, a lot more summary details with your contact information too, right at the very top of your profile page (in that all important "above the fold" region of any webpage).

3. In the Rich Media section of your Profile you can drop links to Company or Showcase Pages...but the real secret is that clicking on this results in a Company page "card" which has an embedded "Follow" button on it:

Yes, people can follow your Company Page directly from your Profile (ahem, well, except the rich media doesn't show up on mobile version of LinkedIn?). You'll have to... you get the idea.

4. In a LinkedIn Publication, if you click where it says "[number of] likes" right at the bottom, you get to see all the people who have "Liked" the post:

Yes, you can even Message any of your Connections who have Liked it from here and there is a Connect button for anyone else (but this is one of those instances of "Connect" where it is not automatic and you have to give the reason for the invite).

5.  When looking at articles in the Pulse, you can quickly move up and down the publication in the list by pressing the "k" and "j" keys:

(at least on the Firefox browser). What other such keystrokes functions are there hidden on LinkedIn pages?

6. If you search for people by criteria:
Yes, you get to send Connect requests to lots of interesting people, without any questions asked (I haven't seen any evidence of this causing any issues myself, but I advise to be cautious and sensible with it otherwise bad things might happen to your account...).

7. There's a plugin you can place in a [private] webpage which allows you to monitor your network connectivity with a specific company:

Yes, perfect, if you're a recruiter, for watching comings and goings, or perfect for everyone one else to start at the bottom and Connect your way up to the very Top.

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