The Blue Dog Scientific Blog: Free Contact Email Address Finder.

Free Contact Email Address Finder.

Here's a technique I created which uses Google Advanced Search as a tool. This method can help you find email addresses of business contacts quickly.

Here's how it works. Enter the name of the contact you are trying to find, e.g. "gary sharpe", enter the company name, e.g. "blue dog scientific", enter the generic part of the email address for the company, e.g. "". You can leave any of these blank. Press the Search button.

This should hopefully open a new browser tab with the top 100 search results from Google.

Now search this new page using your browser's find text facility. Usually the page search box is opened by pressing Ctrl and the "f" (for find) buttons on your keyboard together.

Keep searching through the results for the symbol "@" by repeatedly hitting "return". Hopefully this will allow you to very quickly scan through. See if the search has come up with the email you are looking for. It's not foolproof but I have found this method very useful and a time saving device.

Contact Name:
Generic Email:

A quick tip. If you don't know the Company's generic email address, first perform the search leaving this blank. If you don't find the email of the person you are looking for this way, then often this first trawl will still throw up instances of the "info" or "contact us" type email address of the organization, e.g. "". You can then copy the generic part after the "@" and paste this into "Generic Email" the above form and try again.

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