The Blue Dog Scientific Blog: Simultaneous Mentions on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Simultaneous Mentions on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Have you ever noticed that under the Contact Info area of your LinkedIn profile there is a special place to put your Twitter handle?

LinkedIn have been a bit cunning here, because, although they have their own mention systems, shares to LinkedIn can also be auto-tweeted to.

The clever bit is that LinkedIn converts the internal mention to twitter mentions for the tweeted version of the post share.

Here is an example where I shared the cover image of this blog post from my Company Page into the LinkedIn newsfeed. Note the little twitter bluebird at the bottom right of the share window. Tick this to auto-tweet the share too.

 which produced this tweet:
So this is a good two-for-one solution. Particularly effective if you want to get someone's attention or are angling for reshares on a blog post, for example. It's also a good labour saving device, by using LinkedIn to share your business news by default, it saves having to worry about tweeting it too.

Of course, this relies on the person you mentioned having entered their twitter handle in the right place of their profile.

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