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✵The LinkedIn Song Book✵

As well as publishing original articles about LinkedIn here on this blog, I also write and publish extensively for LinkedIn Users on LinkedIn itself.

Indeed, I have created quite an album of posts! To try and archive these properly, I have been working on an index of my LinkedIn Publications and so I thought it would be worth sharing here too. Although there is some overlap, much of this material isn't reproduced in this blog.

The LinkedIn Song Book from the Lead Vocalist for the LinkedIn Users.  
We didn't start the fire. No we didn't light it.  But we try to fight it.

Technical Tips & Tricks.
Loads of Leads on LinkedIn      ✦ how to exploit "keep in touch"​ for lead gen.
Public LinkedIn Profiles            ✮ how to do profile searches for free.
LinkedIn Search Shortcuts         ✯ free powerful search tools.
Recommendations for LinkedIn✳ new ways to use recommendations on profiles.
Clickable Videos for LinkedIn   ✦ how to use youtube card to embed you website.
Clickable Graphic Cards            ✴ how graphical elements can make posts interactive.
Boost LinkedIn Publications      how to use the new analytics to boost posts.
LinkedIn Publication Libraries  ✭ how to use pinterest to build graphical libraries.
LinkedIn Activity Embedded    ✱ how profiles and posts can be embedded in websites.

Tips for Business Users.
LinkedIn. It's Alive!                   ✬ how business users need to be adapt to the changes.
Where are LinkedInExperts?     ✱ raising awareness of the LinkedInExperts forum.
Slay the LinkedIn Dragons        ✴ busting the myths for business users.
5 Views of LinkedIn                  ✳ how many users have lost sight of what it's about.
LinkedIn Showcase Pages          ✬ a question about whether showcase pages work.

User Experience.
The LinkedIn Takeaway             ✫ news of more unannounced changes.
Campaign for LinkedIn UX       ✲ call to arms to users to demand a better experience.
What's Good About LinkedIn?  ✩ why it's the users who count.
LinkedIn's Developers Disgrace ✪ a polemic post about all the bugs.
Let's Get Rid of Influencers       ✫ highlighting the anti-meritocracy of influencers.★ The Cost of Comment Freeze    ★ the impact of the comments freezing bug on posts.
The Ghost in the Machine          ✱ a look at some of the odder bugs.
LinkedIn's Developers Disgrace ✪ a polemic post about all the bugs.

Hazards and Pitfalls.
LinkedIn. You're Insane!            ✪ a strong criticism of detrimental changes for users.
LinkedIn. It's Personal!              ✩ why it's vital to make InMvail messages personal.
Security and Privacy Risks        ✭ an important warning about profile privacy.
Very Serious Implications          ✰ why everyone needs to opt out of "​In The News".
How LinkedIn Broke Business  ★ why LinkedIn has become bad for business.
LinkedIn Bad for Health            ✲ why getting it wrong can have detrimental outcomes.

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