The Blue Dog Scientific Blog: The Serious Business of Small Business.

The Serious Business of Small Business.

A Small, but Serious Business.

When it comes to my own small business, I'm serious. Very serious. Bloody serious in fact, if you'll forgive the language.

My business is how I provide for my family, after all. The more it grows, the better I can provide and the safer we are. If I put it at risk, I put them at risk. So I will do whatever I can, whilst remaining ethical and remaining true to myself and my core principles, to make my business as successful as possible. I work hard at this business of business.

I'm also serious about my small business because it's my passion. I enjoy it. I love it. It thrills me. It excites me. It drives me, and it fulfills my ambition, my need to excel, to be the best, to win. It gives me opportunities to grow as a person, to meet people, to help people. To do good. In short it allows me to be me while making money, that Take-no-s**t, Respect-earning, Outspoken, Upright, Being-true-to-myself, Learn-something-new-each-and-every-day, Emotionally-Intelligent person-who-spells-T.R.O.U.B.L.E. that I am. Hell (language!), my business even fulfils my Creativity, my artistic flair, gives me the opportunity to write these Blogs-as-an-Artform. To be special.

But I'm not special am I? You feel exactly same way about your small business, don't you? It's why you're here too?

Yes, we're serious about our businesses for all these reasons and more, right? While it can be fun, it's a serious business and we don't play games with it. We don't have time. While it's exciting, we don't take unnecessary risks. It's the roof over the heads of our families, after all.

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