The Blue Dog Scientific Blog: How LinkedIn is Breaking Business Online.

How LinkedIn is Breaking Business Online.

Has LinkedIn Become Detrimental to Business?
LinkedIn is essentially a platform built on user generated content. The content is the value asset which the platform enables. The platform in of itself has no value. LinkedIn now seeks to monetize the platform by essentially charging the users to use it for business purposes.

 That is: LinkedIn are trying to make the providers of the value in the system, in effect, pay for what they give to LinkedIn for absolutely free. Obviously, this cannot work, ever.

Yet all LinkedIn had to do was to provide ways which enable the users to monetize some of their own content and in return take a share of the profit. This way LinkedIn and it's users would have common purpose and the competition between users to earn from the monetized elements could only drive the quality of the value asset ever upwards.

 A simple explanation in two short paragraphs.

The problem is as LinkedIn is now set on a course of failure, they are going to take a lot of others down with it.

We should not let others play games or gamble with our business.

LinkedIn is now consistently revealing itself to be playing games and putting our businesses at risk. Here is a selection of headlines form posts which can be found online posted recently:

  • Is LinkedIn ignoring your GROUP ANNOUNCEMENT settings? 
  • The non-filtering of profiles containing (very) offensive language.
  •  LinkedIn Agrees to Pay $13 Million in Email-Blitzing Suit. 
  •  The Very Serious Implications of LinkedIn's "In The News" 
While you might not feel any of the above are particularly serious in isolation(!), these represent the tip of a LinkedIn-is-against-us iceberg which makes LinkedIn Comment Freezing and Message Freezing bugs feel positively balmy.

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