The Blue Dog Scientific Blog: Sourcing with MosaicHub: Another Way to Search For People on LinkedIn.

Sourcing with MosaicHub: Another Way to Search For People on LinkedIn.

Internet Sourcing of People on mosaicHUB.
In this post, I bring three recent threads of this blog together. Alternative websites to LinkedIn for business. Google Advanced Searching. Sourcing and Recruiting via LinkedIn.

One of the alternative websites I've found is called MosaicHub, which I losely describe as a "business orientated, professional networking version of Quora". I really like it actually as the place to go for business Q&A and in my opinion it now outperforms and is more trustworthy than LinkedIn in terms of "knowledge and insights".

In investigating search techniques for internet sourcing of LinkedIn, I wondered if one could search MosaicHub in a similar fashion. Indeed it can be searched via it's Experts Directory. But I also found MosiacHub is "X-ray searchable" with Google. That is, we can find people and resources on MosiacHub through sophisticated Advanced Search techniques, just like we can with LinkedIn.

So it's another searchable database, like LinkedIn, but not LinkedIn. Now you might say most MosaicHub members are likely to be on LinkedIn, anyway. Yes, that is probably true, especially since they have made it very easy to update your MosaicHub profile directly from your LinkedIn one. But there is more to a MosaicHub profile than just this.
MosaicHub and LinkedIn
MosaicHub: Alternative to LinkedIn?

Firstly, you are much more likely to find the links to professional's social media profiles and pages here. This allows you to contact people a lot more easily via the most suitable media and as well being able to find out more information on a person easily. Indeed, MosaicHub allow members to include their social feeds embedded in the profile, which is great and is something LinkedIn will probably never allow. On my MosaicHub profile, I've got my Twitter and Pinterest feeds, for example.

Secondly, there are additional sections on a MosiacHub profile compared to what's on LinkedIn and moreover members are encouraged to include these additional elements via a rewards system called "Badges". Badges also get displayed on the profile and in themselves give further insight into the person. These rewards work because they make participation more fun and engaging.

So one could think of searching MosaicHub as another way to search for people on LinkedIn, but where you might glean more information at a glance than you might get from a LinkedIn profile view alone.

Oh and they also have a handy little widget builder to add your profile link to blogs too.
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