The Blue Dog Scientific Blog: Sharing and Embedding LinkedIn Publications with Pinterest.

Sharing and Embedding LinkedIn Publications with Pinterest.

Using Pinterest to Archive LinkedIn Publications.
Have you ever noticed that Publications on LinkedIn Pulse are missing something? These have share buttons for LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and Facebook, but not one for Pinterest! This is odd, given how major a player Pinterest now is and how it is often reported as providing extended life to blog posts. You'd have thought that LinkedIn would like to have it's Pulse articles all over that space too? In fact, the situation is worse still, because even if you copy-paste a LinkedIn Publication's URL to a Pinterest web upload, bizarrely it doesn't find the cover image but comes up with an error message.

Result of LinkedIn Publication URL on Pinterest.
Result of LinkedIn Publication URL on Pinterest.
All is not lost, however, because on the Firefox browser there is an add-on called "Pinterest Pin Button". There may also be a Chrome Extension which does similar things. This add-on allows one to pin any and all images on a page to a Pinterest Board, which then automatically links back to the page you are pinning it from. It is therefore a simple matter to pin the cover image for the LinkedIn Publication as a visual bookmark to your posts. The beauty of method is that it also auto-generates the pin description from the Publication title. I have just created a Pinterest board and very rapidly pinned my Publications to it.

But it goes it a little deeper than that. Because once on Pinterest, we can effectively embed LinkedIn Publications on our blogs and webpages.

Furthermore we can embed our entire LinkedIn Publications content in one go too by embedding our Publications board.

We can then re-arrange or re-prioritize the publications on this embedded display at any time just by re-ordering the Pinterest board, without changing anything on the website itself.


  1. A great idea. More and more often, we are writing articles in series. Right now we are just using hashtags on Twitter as a means of keeping them together. A Pinterest board sound like a better solution. Certainly, worth a try