The Blue Dog Scientific Blog: How To Create Top Contributor Posts on LinkedIn.

How To Create Top Contributor Posts on LinkedIn.

Steps For Becoming a LinkedIn Top Contributor.
I would like to suggest some technical tips for creating high impact Discussion posts in LinkedIn Groups. The reason I think these do constitute good suggestions is because, when I use them [in conjunction with interesting content, of course], I find I can usually get to Top Contributor status in a Group within just three posts or less. Sometimes it takes me just one very good one.The Groups where I have at some stage reached Top Contributor are now too numerous to mention.

Below is my video tutorial which includes a number of tips such as:

  •  Include a link to your own content, it provides a "visual hook" graphic - but remove the URL from the text. 
  • Edit the link's title and description to make them more tailored to the Group! 
  • Graphic, link summary, text and title should all work together to tell a story
 Enjoy and Happy Postings.

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