The Blue Dog Scientific Blog: Hurray! You Can Now Pin Your G+ Posts.

Hurray! You Can Now Pin Your G+ Posts.

Using Pinned Posts on Google+.
One of the shortcomings of Google+ for me has always been that posts have a very short shelf life. Each new post bumps all the older ones down and, if like me, you post regularly, they quickly disappear "into the deep" or "below the fold".

In fact, I was going to write a post about it.

However Google must have read my mind, because you can pin posts to the top of your page and now we also have Collections.
The image below shows you how to pin a post on Google+.

One possibility for a pinned post is to use it to keep an index of other important posts. By including the hyperlinks of these important posts on your page, essentially they remain much more visible too, even though physically any particular post may have been bumped far down the Page.

These days, Google+ Collections partially serve this role of preserving visibility of important posts. However, currently there is no linkage between one Collection to the others. They are disconnected. So one use of a pinned post might be simply as a list of your Collections and their URL's (best displayed using shortlinks like or . Then you could share the pinned post itself into all your Collections too, so this index can always be seen and found!

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