The Blue Dog Scientific Blog: Tips for Managing Google+ Posts.

Tips for Managing Google+ Posts.

The great thing about Google+ is that the engagement on posts can often much better than other platforms.

Indeed, when sharing a lot of posts and also when sharing with the right communities where your posts get noticed, one can soon lose track or get behind in responding to all the engagements.

Here's some tips of how you can manage your posting activity on Google+. This should help you keep on top of it with only few minutes of maintenance a day.

1. Starting from your Google+ Profile, enter your own name, as it appears on your profile, in the search bar at the top.

2. In the horizontal menu, click on the "More" drop down list. Select "From You".

3. Where is says "Best Of" next to your name, change to "Most Recent". You should now see a list of your public profile posts and all your public posts in Communities too, in reverse chronological order.

4. Go through each post and first check for any new comments. Click on the +1 of each comments you have read and responded to simply as reminder yourself you have done so. Reject comments which you think are inappropriate.

5. Spin the post around as shown in the graphic below.

6. Check the list for people you aren't following and consider rewarding anyone new who has engaged on the post with a follow.

7. Open the profiles of anyone who has reshared your post and look to see if the share was public. If so, add a +1 to their share and add a thanks in the comments. Important: open the profiles in a new tab otherwise you will have to go back to the start of the process!

8. Once you have finished responding to the engagements, click +1 on your own post if you haven't done so before. This turns it red and allows you to easily see which posts you haven't attended to before.

9. As you work down the page of posts, there are usually less new engagements, so the process gets quicker.

10. Now go back to the horizontal menu and choose the "To You" option from the drop down menu. This will then show posts on which you are mentioned, often including public reshares of your own posts.

11. Now go through each of the posts again  as described in points 4 to 9 above.

I hope you find these tips help you to manage your Google+ activity more efficiently.

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