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A Welcome Message from Dr Gary Sharpe, Director of Blue Dog Scientific.

Hello and welcome to the Blue Dog Scientific blog. I founded Blue Dog Scientific Ltd in 2013 as a Consultancy company. It’s original purpose was to provide knowledge and expertise services to the Mining Industry. I found my experience of LinkedIn helped significantly with developing my new business. From there I developed a keen interest in Social Media Marketing and spent some considerable time investigating from a scientific perspective. I have written extensively on the subject and have since gathered a significant following.

Today, I would describe Blue Dog Scientific as a Technical and Business Development Services Company, through which I offer a wide range of support services to Business and Industry based on my high level technical knowledge, measurements & analysis and experience & expertise of online & digital tools.

The Blue Dog Scientific Blog is for sharing some of this knowledge and information. My hope is that the articles you find here are helpful for your business or career.

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