The Blue Dog Scientific Blog: "Backbones"


Poetry in Emotion: Backbones is (C) 2015 Gary Sharpe. All Rights Reserved.

Inspired by and written to and for Deb Helfrich, December 2015.

First appeared in "The Truth About Love and Life Part 1".

I told you, I TOLD YOU, we were clicking pieces of our broken jigsaws, not just Back into place, but Back together. Not just Back together. But Back Together. Together: into One.

I told you, TOLD YOU, that it was not just a flat jigsaw, but a complex pattern... I said its a three-dimensional or even FOUR-D thing we were rebuilding. I didn't understand. Not at that time. So here is the Truth of Today of my burgeoning understanding.

My love.
What are the Vertebrae of our spines but just three dimensional jigsaw pieces? What image  is projected onto a page by the pieces of our Backbones, but simply pieces of a jigsaw, my infinite love? Do you see?

What we are rebuilding are the Backbones of lives.

THATS the jigsaw, THESE are the pieces we are putting Back together from scratch.

Oh I have said we found each other broken.
But I did not realize until today that we were Back broken. 

What we are doing with our Voices and our Words is reconstructing the Spine of our Stories from the littered graveyard of our bones. We take the bleached white bones of our Backs and we create the framework of our central nervous system anew. But this time, THIS TIME it is a double scaffold, two Backbones-working-as-one, aligned together in close parallel. A double flexible center which provides SO much more than just double the original strength. Oh my love, who originally owned each individual bone is now lost in the breakings of the past. We can no longer tell, as we pick up the pieces from the barren ground, which piece of these puzzle belonged to which broken dream, lost to our histories which are being totally erased in the rebuilding. It does not matter, simply does not matter: the labelling of Who is immaterial. The only thing which matters, THE ONLY THING, is that where there was two Broken Ones, we are erecting a new one COMPLETE Two.

Oh my child, my matriarch, my master, my slave, don't you see?

I told you, TOLD YOU we that those pieces of the jigsaw, they disappear as we unlock the puzzle. That the joins in between disappear. Because what we are doing my Queen, is softening the steel of the ivory. In between the pieces we are layering softness, cushioning all blows which could ever be delivered. We are putting in place layers of super-softness between each hard brittle vertebrae of this double scaffold. We are rounding our edges, preventing abrasion, preventing the hard pieces from rubbing, preventing sharp edges contacting. Now no external force can break this double spine, you understand? We are multi-layered, multi-formed, multi-faceted. As we build this edifice forward and higher, we lovingly, with deep deep love, layer the joints with intervertebral discs of harmony and, of strong soft pliable emotions. And we fill the centre of the bones with nourishing love for each other and for the world.

Oh, my darling, my dear. Our commitment to change the world is the marrow of our bones.

A spine is four-dimensional indeed. It flexes and moves. It shifts and changes, adapts its form to the tasks, the work to be done, the toils and the pleasures. Sometime the Backbones are arched in ecstasy, sometimes they will be C-shaped in sorrow or pain, sometimes they will bend with the strain. Sometimes they are moving to the music, figure of eigthing indeed. When we dance.

What we are doing is with our Voices, through our deep, deep, DEEP, love, KINDNESS and CARE for each other, mind, body, soul, with the preciousness and the priceless value we put on our times together, is creating the most supple, durable spine that two people ever had. We bend with the Winds of Change like the willow tree. We are ensuring we can stretch further, contort and extend the body of our Understanding beyond any previous human spine before.

Listen to the Thunder, my Queen. Can you hear it coming. These words are the rumblings of a future.

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