The Blue Dog Scientific Blog: Carii Chat and Direct Messaging.

Carii Chat and Direct Messaging.

The new Carii Chat and Direct Messaging system represents not only a revolution, but an evolution in online communication. This technology allows users to include fully embedded electronic media just by dropping a link into the conversation. It encompasses not only embedded blogs, videos, audio and slides, but also the embedding of posts from across social media and even entire Pinterest boards.

This auto-embedding allows for much richer communication and conversations than previously possible. It means that we can now integrate and leverage off all of our social media platforms in a single continuous thread of conversation. Instead of being piecemeal and throwaway, social media posts can now find meaningful valuable employment, enriching, giving context or background to discussions. A rapid and succinct way to include many different forms of communication in one online conversation.

For example, Google+ post embedding allows one to bring animations into play easily, as well as providing a quick link to the contributor's G+ profile through which participant can quickly assess their authority. Embedded tweets can be exploited as infographical and shareable references, while embedded pins and Pinterest boards mean the rapid inclusion of virtually anything from anywhere on the internet.

Audio and video embedding provides the capability of recorded and documented exchanges via the spoken word. In contrast to the much hyped real-time video streaming platforms, such as blab and periscope, this instead allows for more considered audio-visual communications over extended times, without having to contend with busy schedules or time zone differences limiting participation. Slides provide the mechanism for more detailed or further information to be included in a very compact form.

The Carii platform allows all of these possibilities to be incorporated into single threads of online communications. Carii Chat has several choices for online dialogue. Each Carii Community has it's own space for all of the community's members to participate and contribute to. Direct messaging allows private one-to-one communication. Public "channels" are visible to anyone with a Carii account, while private discussions allow invite-only group communication.

The applications for this technology are enormous and profound, from education and training, businesses and not-for-profits, to clubs and organization of all types. I highly recommend experimenting with the system for yourself in order to grasp what this might mean for you.

To get started, you will need to create an account Carii, which you can do from the landing page Once you are signed up (minimal personal details required), you can start joining Communities or just go straight to the Carii Chat area.

I have set up a public channel #CommunicationEvolution showcasing the wide variety of embedded types. I am also trialling the possibilities for tutorial applications via employing it for unofficial guided tours of the Carii platform. If you would like to participate, once you have an account, you can request to join the Carii community "GuidedTour" in order to be considered. Once accepted, participants will be invited to a private group in the Chat area where the interactive tutorials take place.

Please consider joining my showcase Carii Community "Social Media for Business" too.

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  1. Couldn't easily tell from this post and the guided tour link - so I just hope this platform allows Threaded view of the conversations,
    One of the most annoying limitations of messaging and forum tools in the last few years is that flattened view,
    which leads us to try and use all sort of workarounds to the basic need of understanding who answers who in a group discussion.
    And unfortunately leading companies such as Facebook or LinkedIn groups have not resolved this usefully.
    @halperinko - Kobi Halperin