The Blue Dog Scientific Blog: Boost Your Blog By Tweets You Missed.

Boost Your Blog By Tweets You Missed.

If you write blog posts, either on your own website or on a publishing platform like LinkedIn Pulse, and you're on twitter, then you may be missing significant opportunities to get more viewers.

On most blogging platforms there is usually a "share to twitter" button. If set up right, this will auto-generate a tweet which includes not only the blog title and its link, but also your twitter handle/username too. This ensures you will then get notified when readers tweet these shares of your posts. As an aside, it is best practice to configure your blog such that tweets of your posts generate a suitable "twitter card" which also includes the cover image and post snippet.

However, readers also get a chance to modify the text before they tweet these auto-generated shares, which might result in your twitter username not being included.  Alternatively, they might share your article to twitter another way, such as manually copying its URL into a tweet. Indeed, there are variety of ways in which your posts might end up on twitter without you ever being notified.

Now if you routinely search for these "missing" tweets, and retweet the ones you find, then this can actually result in significant boosts in viewers. Below are some example results of spikes in blog visitor traffic occurring directly after such routine search/find/retweet inspections:

Here I cover different types of "missing" tweets of blog posts and how to find them using twitter search terms. Note that the quotation marks are to be included in the twitter search as these indicate we are looking for there exact terms. Note also it is best to use the Live (date order) view of the results to keep on top of which ones you've previously retweeted.

Retweets Without the @ Symbol.

Due to the way in which some popular third party tools generate retweets, these may include your twitter username without the @ symbol. To find there search for "RT username". So in my case I would search for:

"RT drgarysharpe"

Here's an example of a "missing" tweet I found this way:

Tweets using Real Name.

If your readers know you well, they may actually tweet your posts using your real name. So for example I would search for

"gary sharpe"

and here is an example of a "missing" tweet of this type:

This is only workable if you don't have a common name and can be useless if you have the same name as a celebrity.

Tweets Via URL.

In many cases, your posts may end up on twitter via someone copying the link, rather than hitting a tweet button. To catch these cases, search for the URL of your blog, for example I would search for


with example result:

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