The Blue Dog Scientific Blog: Pioneering the Carii Platform for Business.

Pioneering the Carii Platform for Business.

Flagship Online Business Area on Carii.
On 4th July 2015, I launched a flagship demonstration of a new way for businesses to create their online presence, build websites, monetize their content and engage directly with their customers.

The concept is based on the Carii platform, a Communities orientated online technology which provides businesses, charities, organizations and social groups the power to easily build their own online communities with multi-level privacy controls, to create formal affiliations with other communities and to benefit from powerful sharing options.

By exploiting the power of Carii, we have developed a new way of working which simply eliminates most of the issues businesses have with social media and other online networks, while bringing the best of both worlds of business websites and customer engagement into a single online environment.

It provides businesses complete freedom to structure their online content in any way they please, free from the restrictive shackles of social media platforms. Indeed, what businesses may choose to do with this is only limited by their imagination. It provides businesses a way to engage with their customers online without being fully public. It releases businesses from being hostages-to-fortune to the dictates and whims of social media platform owners. It allows businesses to create a vibrant website which exists not in isolation, but within a environment of other public and private, social and commercial websites, blogs and forums with which they can become connected and share.

To demonstrate the concept we are simply creating a flagship example ourselves. We have  already recreated our website, created a Customer Community news and discussion forum, started including this blog, provided a simple way for customers and partners to leave references or endorse us, created growing portfolios of the individual projects we are currently working on, etc. This is simply a starting point and we will rapidly build it to demonstrate just what this concept now makes possible.
Most of these Community areas are visible to the general public, but we encourage readers to join Carii - setting up an account on the platform is very easy and does not require you to create a detailed profile - and then join any of the areas you are interested in. This will allow you not only to explore Carii for yourself but also to access everything as well as to keep notified of news and posts.
Blue Dog Scientific Home.
The Main Menu for Blue Dog Scientific's area on Carii which lists the Communities which come under the Blue Dog banner.

About Blue Dog Scientific.
This section is a menu of Blue Dog Scientific's Products & Services and is essentially our website reproduce as part of our Carii area.

Also links to a Testimonials section where customers and
colleagues can leave reviews and endorsements too. 

Blue Dog Scientific Portfolio.
Menu of Project Areas for Clients.

Includes the Digital Chaperone Project with Innovation Squad Ltd. 

Blue Dog Scientific's Community
Our main interactive community where out News is shared and where our followers can engage and contribute too. 

Blue Dog Scientific's Blog.
A listing on Carii for posts from this Blog.

Blue Dog Scientific's LinkedIn
A collected works of our tips & tricks for LinkedIn. 

Social Media for Business Community
An open community for discussion, news and articles on Social Media use in Business.

Mining Research Community
An open community for discussion, news, articles, education, research and innovation on mining subjects.

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  1. An excellent recap of the power that is built in to Carii. Thank you Gary Sharpe!