The Blue Dog Scientific Blog: Parents Wanted to Help Evaluate New App.

Parents Wanted to Help Evaluate New App.

Parents Needed to Help Evaluate New Online Child Safety App.
I recently found myself with a new task through interactions on LinkedIn which is concerned with online safety and children, especially issues around mobile devices. Due to personal experiences, which have had a profound effect on his immediate family, my client, Vigne Kozacek of Innovation Squad Ltd. is aiming to help address such issues and to provide better solutions.  Vigne has been developing apps which he believes will significantly assist parents in this regard.

Vigne has just told me his app has now been launched on Android. I have discussed with him today that I believe it is vital we provide access to the App for free, at least for a short initial trial period. My point is that he should seek feedback from parents directly about whether the app works for them and to help them understand exactly what it does and why it is something we believe will be of significant assistance with these troubling issues.

I’m therefore writing this short impromptu post to seek out any parents simply willing to give it a try – there is no catch to this and you will not need to provide any payment details and no commitment is asked for. What we need right now is for a number of parents to help us put the app through it’s paces and give us the feedback which will be critical at this stage.

If this is something you might be able to help us with, please check out the App on Google Play.

 “Digital Chaperone…will help you to view the apps that your children are using on their Android smart devices...

...a list of currently installed Apps...access to the App description and Maturity rating...

...approve apps or request the removal of apps that you do not want your child using...

...locate a child's device in an emergency… child  can send location information by using the Panic Button ...

...a Time-Out on your child's device...will prevent all apps from functioning on the child's devices for...time preset by you

...the goal is to give you insight into the Apps that your child is using and raise awareness with children so they are more conscious of the apps that they use.”

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