The Blue Dog Scientific Blog: LinkedIn Company Page Analytics.

LinkedIn Company Page Analytics.

Reasons to Try a LinkedIn Company Page.
More and more of us are now posting into the ether of the LinkedIn newsfeed, while Group discussions are seeing a very notable decline in quality and engagement, generally speaking. Before the change over to the new homepage format, we were just starting to realize a strategy for increased visibility and interaction by using the newfeed to have open, collaborative conversations. Then the  powers-that-be took away our main tool for analyzing how well the strategy was working. Remember this?
LinkedIn Insight Tool
LinkedIn Insight tool: RIP.
Now all we get is a limited amount of information on how only our most recent update is doing.  There are a couple of  hacks which allow you to get more performance data on newsfeed updates, but that doesn't help the average user.
Extract from LinkedIn Tutorial
Extract from a "User's Guide" Video Tutorial.

In a very real sense, we are all now posting blind into the feed and crossing our fingers. I have recently been experimenting extensively with all different types, flavours and tones of newsfeed posts. I must admit, I don't really know anymore what, if anything, works. I no longer have any data to go on!

It is therefore somewhat curious that the analytics available to posts from the Company Page are well...just great. Here, your posts are not fleeting, but are a permanent record. You get to see view numbers, engagements, demographics, statistics of growth or your page, etc. Indeed, there is an awful lot to digest on a Company Page.
LinkedIn Company Page Analytics.
Example of analytics on LinkedIn Company Page posts.
The difference between the User Experience and the Company Level Experience is stark. Obviously, LinkedIn could provide us with similar data at the user level. So why haven't they and indeed why have they took the little tool we all liked away from us? It must be because we are being "gently" lead to Company Page posting. Why? A giant leap closer to being tempted to "Sponsor" your posts, of course.

Here, I think LinkedIn have just found my Archille's heel. I can't do Social Media without analytics. I can't run blind. The scientific method relies on data. Company Page it is.

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