The Blue Dog Scientific Blog: How to Transform Your Google+ Strategy with a Cover Video.

How to Transform Your Google+ Strategy with a Cover Video.

Videos Uploads as Cover Images on Google+ Pages.

Recently in this blog I showed how, by uploading videos direct to google+, we can create posts with an animated cover sequence. These animations give a sneak preview of the video content, which when clicked on, are played right there on google+, with a kind of you tube like player. I also showed how we can then, effectively, create a video playlist via an album of such videos cover links, and that you could then create a post with these albums. I also showed we can embed these playlist posts in your website or blog.

But I then I had another thought about this. What if you could use such a video image for your google+ profile cover image/banner or, more importantly for your google+ company Page? What if when someone clicks on that cover image, it plays the video. 

Just tried it and it works!

This is better than any pinned post. This means we can now embed as much as info as we like in our google+ covers. A promotional video. An introduction-to-me video. It's really up to you.

Or you could upload a Talking Image, a video consisting of a static image with a voice over. Then uploading this would produce a standard, static graphic but with a play button. And when the viewer plays it, they get your recorded message!

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