The Blue Dog Scientific Blog: How To Use Pinterest: A New Perspective.

How To Use Pinterest: A New Perspective.

A Fresh Look at Pinterest.
How I View Pinterest. 
I do not principally use Pinterest for direct marketing or for driving views to other websites.

I use it for building bespoke and unique Visual Discovery Toolboxes: I have constructed my Boards to be both the Gallery's of my Art and the Gateways-to-Everything-I've-Ever-Done-Online. They are the Windows of the Soul of what I do in the digital world.

More simply put, my Pinterest Boards are how I collect all my vast content from across my own online & digital spaces and timelines. They are how I make sense of it, order it, simplify it and give it context. My Boards are aimed at providing visual and intuitive toolboxes where the benefits of what I have sewn can be reaped and harnessed by others.

How I Want You to View My Pinterest Boards.

I don't actually want you to look at my individual Pins, I want you to see them all, together, at once, in the context of the Boards. Side-by-side with their contextualizing neighbours. I want you to see the patterns, the pathways, the roadmaps, the history lessons, the mis-steps & the fails too. I want you to bookmark and use my Visual Discovery Tools to rapidly find what you are looking for at a glance. I want you to come and find the stuff you need, even though you probably never you knew you needed it or that it was ever there.

I want you to follow my life's work, my journey as it unfolds. I want you to be part of that story too.

I want you to take, take, take from me, from my Boards. I want you to take me with you. Take those nuggets which speak to you in your own unique circumstances, context and history. I want you to take them away & put them for safe keeping in your own places and spaces. I want you to have them to hand whenever you need to refer to them or are in need of inspiration or want some food for thought.

I want the creative works I generate to be used, to be of benefit and most of all, to be enjoyed.

They are all freely given. Please take them. 

The Truth About Pinterest.

This, then is the profound Truth about Pinterest: we haven't even begun to scratch the surface.

We really don't know how profound it even might be.

I hope these ideas are of use to you too and you can find ways to exploit them. I do hope that I have contributed a fresh perspective for you. There is more to come, much more. That journey too will be played out on my Boards.

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